FND Dimensions mission statement

FND Dimensions aims to build a platform for patients with FND to come together. To diminish the feeling of isolation and link with others who face similar day to day challenges. Through mutual support and acceptance the ability of ‘Strengthening Mind and Body’ we believe can be achieved

FND Dimensions has been developed following some volunteer work I did at my local hospital. At the time, I was having physio treatment myself, which was a carry on from treatment I had received in London. During this time I met and had conversations with people who it was apparent were, for want of a better phrase, ‘not in a good place’. They felt they had no where to turn to for support at a local level.

By coming together as a group they would be able to discuss issues, concerns and feelings about living with FND. Any illness affects people in different ways, but the opportunity to link with others will allow individuals the chance to achieve, to some degree, a greater understanding of their condition and the realisation that they are not alone. This in turn will hopefully lead to them;

Strengthening Mind & Body

So, FND Dimensions was born with the support of a few key individuals who have helped the organisation reach this stage and to who I am eternally grateful. Now with the development of patient groups and the support of each other, people with FND, will hopefully find a place to share their experiences.

I very much look forward to meeting or talking to you in due course.

With best wishes

Steven Webster
FND Dimensions – Founder