Coronavirus (Covid-19) and FND Dimensions Meet Up’s


We appreciate that people have been organising ‘meet up’s’, particularly with the UK FND Awareness Day in mind (March 25th) however, we cannot ignore the current issue of the Coronavirus. Due to this we are replacing all ‘face to face’ meet up’s with virtual online meetings.

For a while we have for been working behind the scenes, looking at more inclusive ways to hold meet up’s. Technology / Social Media allows us to bring people together in one place, despite the distance, geographically, between us. Virtual / Social Media ‘meet up’s’ through Skype and Messenger have already taken place but are limited. FND Dimensions is now also using a system called, ‘Zoom’ which could allow up to 100 people to attend an ‘online meet up’.  Given the current and continually changing effects of the Coronavirus, Zoom offers us a clear alternative around and on ‘Awareness Day’ to come together without the risks of  meeting in a public space or using public transport.

We are drawing up a back-up plan to use an online system in order to keep the ‘meet up wheels turning’. We ask you to please bear with us during the next few days while plans are put into motion and we make alternative arrangements. This will be heavily informed by health and government guidelines and with the safety of our members in mind.

As all our members are either diagnosed with FND (and other underlying conditions) or have contact with someone that has been diagnosed. As a charity we feel we have a duty of care to set out some of the basic guidance that is being offered. We will provide additional guidance to our members in due course and will continue to monitor the situation closely. 

If you are unsure what your best option is, the NHS guidance within the following website  ( may help your decision process.

Think of yourself, think of others and Stay Safe!

(Please note we may update this notice in line with any further guidance or recommendations made by the NHS or stipulations made by government departments)