FND Dimensions – FND Survival Kit

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) is an umbrella term that covers many different neurological symptoms and these will all varyfrom person to person. For many of us, our conditions can be unpredictable but we can try to manage and control how we live with it. FND Dimensions has put together a checklist of suggestions for you to consider, so you are prepared and better able to manage and cope with your symptoms. Consider personalising your very own FND and NEADs ‘survival kit’ from the suggestions below.

  1. Medical alerts (bracelets, cards or even as a screen saver on your phone) just in case FND or NEADs strike when you are out and about.
  2. Helpful small cards to carry on you or give to people that contain a few bullets points explaining how they can help you if you have an attack or seizure.
  3. Sensitive to lights? Consider a pair of sunglasses or talk to your local opticians about the possibility of having filters put on to existing glasses to help limit your triggers.
  4. If you are sensitive to noise, consider using earplugs or even just a set of head phones to take the edge off the decibel level.
  5. A drink and a snack to ensure that you drink and eat food that’s right for you, at the right time.
  6. Useful aids to carry with you for distraction or to help you calm anxiety – e.g. An elastic band, cards with prompts to help focus on breathing or grounding, techniques.
  7. Useful contacts – Have a list of contacts, perhaps in your phone, which you can call for assistance. This might consist of family, co-workers and friends, but also consider local agencies who offer support as well, e.g. voluntary drivers to and from hospitals, befriending schemes, local bus or mini bus services.

FND Dimensions is seeking to build this ‘Survival kit’ in ways that members find helpful to manage and cope with their diverse conditions.  If you have any helpful suggestions, please forward them to enquiries@fnddimensions.org



We would like to thank the members of our groups who have helped pull these ideas together!