With all the noise, flashing lights, bustling environment and pressure to join in with social events, this time of year can be overwhelming for many people with FND and NEADs. Here are our top 10 tips for survival!

  1. Be Prepared – Do look at our FND Dimension’s ‘Survival Kit’ suggestions.
  2. Avoid Unnecessary Stress – Not all situations can be avoided, but ask yourself “Do I need to put myself in that situation?” Consider online shopping. Will you enjoy the experience? If the answer is ‘No’ – don’t go!
  3. Planning – Try to space out engagements or choose the one you really want to attend. This will allow you to prepare, enjoy the engagement and recover.
  4. Acknowledge Your Limitations – Do try to pace yourself, sometimes little and often is best rather than everything in one go………balance is key here.
  5. Case The Joint – Be mindful of where you are heading, i.e. a restaurant -then call ahead. Let them know of any requirements, e.g. access, dietary requirements or even a quiet zone.
  6. Mobility – Many shopping centres have mobility aids and scooters for hire (check their website). Find out about local voluntary driving schemes or ‘Call and Collect’ services.
  7. Pit Stops – When out and about, whether it be to rest, have a drink or a bite to eat, do plan in some ‘Pit stops’ for rests. Perhaps a quiet area to avoid sensory overload?
  8. Social Situations – If need be, don’t be afraid to take yourself off to a quieter area for a long as required to catch your breath before returning to enjoy an event.  Consider asking family/friends if there is a place you can go to rest.
  9. Support – Is there someone else with an awareness of your condition who could help you? Think about small private signals you can give.
  10. Reward Yourself. However, big or small, acknowledge what you have achieved today and be sure to administer a reward. It might be a bath, a favourite film or perhaps a special treat. Remember to find a little ‘me’ time and reward yourself for being a true FND warrior.

 We would like to thank the members of our groups who helped pull these ‘Top 10 Tips’ together