Mental Health Awareness Week – are you aware of the language you use?

“you’re mental”

“pull yourself together”

“stop being so emotional”

“its all in your head”

“I don’t have mental health”

“what’s really wrong with me”

This is the sort of everyday language that gets used around how we feel.

Why does that matter?

Our emotions (mental health) are chemical, electrical and physical things that happen in our brains and bodies that cannot be separated from our “physical health” and have a huge impact on our social, financial and working health as well.

Experiencing emotional discomfort can affect everything – our relationships, our driving, what we choose to eat, our risk of terminal illness.

But the language we use around emotions:

·         puts it in second place

·         reduces its importance

·         leads to anxiety, misunderstanding, shame, guilt and even misdiagnosis

·         makes us resistant to doing simple things that could give us healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives

In Mental Health Awareness week be aware of the language you use..

What do you say to others about emotions?

What do you say to yourself?

Is it disparaging?

Is it separating you from something you need?

Is it clouding your judgment?

How could you change it for the better?

For more information about Mental Health Awareness Week see the link below

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 | Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Awareness Week – are you aware of the language you use?